Mose Henry's Martin

Mose Henry’s Martin

Dead Instruments In The Shop

Mose Henry’s Martin

Hanging in the dead instrument area of Ben Runkle’s shop in Raleigh NC was one of the greatest finds of Buddy’s life. A 1965 Martin D-35 formally owned by Mose Henry. It had been decorated with items from some very noteworthy folks. The silver inlays were from a platter donated to the project by actress Julie Andrews. The silver eagle on the headstock was carved from a dollar by Eddie Arnold. The bridge and cross were made and donated by Pepper Wise. A pearl was added to the headstock by his grandfather.

Needs A Little Work

Mose Henry’s Martin  guitar needed some work to bring it back to life. Buddy Black had Bruce Wei make a fret board with his name in mother of pearl which was installed by luthier Jeff Pippin. It now plays great and sounds like only a Brazilian rosewood vintage Martin can. Fat, loud and crisp. A treasure by anybody’s definition and Buddy’s favorite acoustic guitar!!

Who Was Mose Henry?

Mose Henry was a singer and instrumentalist in a 1960’s era folk band founded by Dave Fisher and four other Wesleyan students. The original members disbanded in 1964 with three attending Harvard and one attending graduate school at Colombia. Fisher remained in the music business and acted as the band’s music director with a new group of members; one of which was Mose Henry.  The Highwaymen, under the leadership of Dave Fisher, recorded two albums titled, Stop Look and Listen and On A New Road. The group performed concerts and appeared on a number of variety shows. The group stayed together until 1967 when Dave Fisher moved to Los Angeles and began a career making music for film and composing over one thousand songs.

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